It’s an incredibly cold & snowy day.  The driving conditions are horrific so I’ve stayed within a couple kilometres of my home all day.  A stranger was nice enough to clean off all the snow from my car telling me it was her New Years resolution & that she needed something to do while her car was warming up.

When i got home i decided i would have a nice cozy night watching a movie.  I ordered a pizza.  Felt bad for the delivery guy who was clearly swamped with orders tonight, but he was nice. Told me mine was the biggest television set he’s ever seen in all the homes he’s delivered pizza to and that i looked exactly like his best friend in the old country.  Maybe i have an unknown identical twin raised in a truly different environment?

i decided to watch the 2013 Australian movie “These Final Hours”.  I love dark dramas especially with apocalyptic themes like “The Road” based on the Cormac McCarthy novel.  It was a poignant film about a man on his way to a massive party for people who just want to get drunk out of their mind on their few remaining days before the world ends.  For most of Europe, Africa & North America are dead & the voice on the radio warns that the apocalypse is headed to their Australia within a couple days.

On his way to the party the man witnesses lootings, vandalism, corpses on the street, people hanging themselves from lamp posts & psychotic killers.  But he also meets a stranded little girl & decides to bring her with him & they bond in the long drive.

Like the movie “The Road” they never quite say what’s causing the world to end, preferring to leave it to the audience’s imagination.  But when the apocalypse finally comes to Australia we see it hovering over the ocean.

“It’s beautiful” one of the characters says, finally accepting her fate