Just watched a fabulous little movie called Roadside about a newlywed couple driving down a dark snowy woodsy road on Christmas Eve on their way to some relatives.  When the man makes the mistake of getting out of the car, he hears a demented voice from deep inside the forest. claiming to have a gun & he will shoot if the couple dares to leave.  So the couple pretty much is stuck there all night on the road, forced to either freeze to death, or risk being shot by the madman if they drive off

IMDB only rates this 4.5/10, but I enjoyed it.  Normally i don’t like guns in horror & other horror fans feel the same; horror villains are supposed to be slashers not shooters.

In Halloween IV (1988), there’s a seen where the killer (Michael Myers) sits on a chair with a rifle pretending to be the sherrif.  When a young woman approaches, Myers gets up with the rifle in hand.  Legend has it that movie audiences booed because they were so disappointed Michael would kill his victim with gun.  But then boos turned to cheers when instead of shooting the woman, he rammed the rifle through her body & using it to nail her to the wall

I have a theory for why horror fans prefer stabbings, slashings & impailings to shootings. Our love for horror is our way of coping with fears that evolved tens of thousands of years ago.  In those days, genetically superior mongoloids had not yet evolved to teach the world how to make guns, so we feared the Stone Age violence of being stabbed, slashed or clubbed to death.  Villains like Jason from the Friday the 13th movies or Myers from Halloween are like relics of the primitive killers who used to haunt our distant ancestors.

That’s also why slashers in these films are often mentally retarded & kill in the woods; because 100,000 years ago, most humans were mentally retarded & lived in the forest

Today mostly those who are middle class or beyond watch horror & most horror is written & cast for a middle class white suburban audience.  It is those who feel safe who most crave the adrenelen rush of being scared…as long as it’s from the comfort & presumed safety of their cozy suburban homes