Many years ago i overheard a Canadian of Indian ancestry say “technically Indians are white people”.  Interestingly,  the person who was most angered by this comment was not one of the white people, but a Chinese ancestry guy who stood up in anger to yell “WHAT??!!!”.

“Well, Caucasian,” the Indian clarified,  but this just made the Chinese guy angrier.

Although Indians are not white, they are often classified as caucasoid and it’s almost as if the Chinese guy was jealous

But no need to be jealous because Northeast Asians are even whiter than whites in the sense that whiteness is a cold climate phenotype & Northeast Asians branched off caucasoids to adapt to an even colder climate.  That’s why Asians don’t benefit from the affirmative action that benefits non-white minorities & in fact are openly discriminated against,  because intuitively liberals must understand that they are even whiter than white people.  Or maybe a better way of saying it is they are the opposite of black people, while whites are merely not black.

When most North Americans say Asian,  they mean East Asian, particularly Northeast Asian; they do not mean South Asian.  Yet for some reason, the census classifies Indians as Asian, even though very few Indians have any visible mongoloid ancestry (though Indian Americans perform like mongoloids academically)

Meanwhile the people who Indians are actually racially related to (middle easterners) are not considered Asian by the census (even though the Middle East is mostly in Asia) but are considered white (even though they’re non-European and largely dark skinned )

I do not consider Indians Asian, nor do i condider middle easterners white; i consider both non-white caucasoids

So how did Indians get lumped in with East Asians?  Did East Asians want a non-mongoloid to deracialize the Asian category?  Or did Indians self identify as Asian to get minority status and/or distance themselves from Arabs, who the U.S. media has turned into pariahs