I saw people on TV saying they believe Bill Cosby is guilty because over 20 women have made accusations.  I have a question for these people.  Do you also believe in the Sasquatch? In the last several decades, some 3500 people (credible people) have claimed to have witnessed him.

Growing up in Canada, the legend of Sasquatch loomed large.  There are towns where you ask a room full of people if they’ve ever seen one of those things and every single hand in the room shoots up.  People even do wonderful immitations of their language (they are said to sound like deaf people)

One reason I’m a huge Sasquatch skeptic is HBD.  Hard to believe a monkey, even a near-human talking monkey, would be smart enough to survive the Canadian winter.  On the other hand, Sasquatch would have fur; physical adaptations compensate for a lack of behavioural adaptability (intelligence).

But it makes sense that an undiscovered ape could exist in Canada;  the country is enormous yet has only the tenth the population of the U.S..  Lots of room to hide, and whites did not live in these parts in large numbers until  very recent centuries.  The komodo draggon was dismissed as a myth until a white man finally saw one just last century.

An extremely high IQ person told me that he suspects that when the white man brought diseases to North America that killed off massive numbers of Native Americans, massive numbers of non-human primates were killed off too.

Legend has it that some Native American women have been raped by Sasquatch for centuries and the hybridized children that result from such rapes can pass for human, but are slow learners.  Sasquatch genes would help explain why Native Americans don’t have especially high IQs despite the fact that scholar J.P. Rushton proclaimed mongoloids the advanced race.

I would be curious to know the correlation between IQ & belief in Sasquatch