From an early age, I always knew I was head and shoulders above everyone else when it comes to math. I didn’t always get the best grades because I lacked the technical training, but I always had an intuitive understanding that can’t be taught. It was just something I was born with.

I remember in the tenth grade getting a very poor grade on a math test, and yet the teacher said “I was VERY impressed by some of your answers. VERY impressed.” There were people who got over 80% on the test, but partly because they memorized formulas and the proper format. By contrast my score of around 55% was entirely earned through innovative creative problem solving and inventing my own formulas, and this teacher could see it. All my life there have been these seers who recognized my potential.

But then there are the non-seers:

One of the worst parts about becoming the math star of the HBD blogosphere is you attract jealous haters, particularly a commentator named First Ypres/Mugabe who is bitter that he never accomplished anything in life despite being an aristocrat who allegedly scored perfect on all three sections of the old GRE, and he has decided to take out his anger on successful proles like me, all night, every night. Unfortunately for him, he fucked with the wrong prole.

In a recent tirade against me, he abusively argued that there are zero people who score both +2 Z scores on the SAT (IQ 130+) and less than 0 Z score on the Raven test (IQ below 100). He wrote:

you’re the one who’s obsessed with the model’s fitting extreme outliers.

i’m the one who’s saying it DOES NOT.

the model says NOTHING about people who don’t make any effort. NOTHING.

that was the point.

but you’re too autistic to grasp it.


Actually he's 100% wrong. Such people DO exist as scatter plot C from an excellent study by professors Detterman and Frey of Case Western Reserve University shows:


On the post 1995 SAT, a combined score (reading + math) of 1350+ is roughly 2 standard deviations above the general U.S. population (IQ 130+) and the chart clearly shows people above that level scoring below a Z score of 0 (IQ 100) on the Raven.

So despite the fact that First Ypres/Mugabe allegedly scored perfect on all three sections of the old GRE and got an IQ equivalent of 160 on the older (pre-1995) harder version of the SAT, and despite having Harvard/Princeton ancestors and allegedly being a participant of Steve Hsu’s BGI genetic study of the super brilliant, he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about.

The moral of the story is, no matter how smart or educated you think you are, don’t fuck with me when it comes to math.

My numbers will be better than yours.