Even though Bill Cosby is worth hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollar, his real power comes not from economic capital, but from social capital; specifically moral authority. Packing the highest IQ in his entire childhood school, he grew up to be America’s dad, and just exudes moral authority, to the point where an AP reporter crumbles in his presence:

You know someone has power when they don’t even need to raise their voice, in fact Cosby lowered his voice and slowed his speech, yet still dominated with quiet dignity. So powerful is Cosby that simply by quietly, slowly lecturing the white reporter like he was one of the kids on The Cosby Show, he was able to get questions of alleged sexual misconduct edited out.

But despite his enormous power, you can’t help but feel sorry for him, when you see the look on Cosby’s face. For Cosby is an American icon of epic proportions and a moral authority figure writ-large, so for him of all people to be faced with the indignity of being asked if he was sexually abusive towards young women was one of the saddest moments in American history.

Despite being older and slower with advanced age, Cosby’s high IQ shines through when he jumps on an opportunity. He overhears a white woman agreeing with him that the question the reporter was asking was inappropriate and uses this to his advantage by saying “mam, what did you say?” forcing her to assert her defense of Cosby more visibly even though she would have preferred to stay in the background. One reason high IQ people get rich is they see an opportunity and have the quick thinking to grab it before it slips away. Most 77-year-olds would have just continued their monologue rigidly ignoring the comment of some white woman in the background, but Cosby had the agility to adapt his strategy in real time, and knew he could use his sheer power to persuade her into being more assertive.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt.

Although Cosby showed enormous power in getting the question edited out, as more women have come forward with accusations, Cosby’s power is vanishing, and the AP news source decided to release all the footage, including the footage of Cosby asking them not to use the footage!!! Cosby’s mistake was not telling them to turn off the cameras before he started his lecture. This demonstrates that even a guy with the highest IQ in his childhood school can still miscalculate. No matter how much IQ you have, you never get to a point where you don’t need more, which is why I have long argued that the correlation between IQ and success is largely linear throughout the full range of worldly success.

I’m not a fan of Glenn Beck, but it’s interesting how he’s rallying to Cosby’s defense while the liberal media is lynching Cosby.

And I noticed that Fox News is not covering the Cosby story at all, though CNN has become the Cosby News Network. Do liberal hate Cosby because he lectured the black underclass to pull up their pants? Do they hate him because he’s rich? Or are liberals subconsciously racist, but they feel guilty about it, so they become liberal, but once a black gets too uppity, their repressed racism comes roaring to the surface.

Liberals call conservatives racist because conservatives hate Obama, but Obama hatred, in my opinion, has more to do with the fact that conservatives are brainwashed into hating Muslims, and they despise Obama for having a Muslim middle name. They also hate Ivy League intellectuals and Obama is certainly that. They also hate liberals and Obama is that. So where is racism?

Obama is only half-black, and the black half is East African who have more narrow delicate caucasoid features and gracile physiques than West Africans. In fact East Africans might be the missing link as humans evolved from archaic negroids into archaic caucasoids. By contrast, Cosby, with his dark skin and broad features, looks hardcore negroid.

But the fact that conservatives don’t join the lynch mob against Cosby suggests they might not be racist. There was a time when a black boy could be literally lynched just for whistling at a white woman, and now an old black man allegedly rapes young white women, and conservatives rally to his defense or refuse to pile on. For better or for worse, that’s the polar opposite of racism.