Can’t think of anyone who did more to bring the races together than Bill Cosby.  Number one show in American television for years at a time when America & television were the most powerful forces on earth.

I think one of the reasons for his enormous popularity, beyond incredible talent, was that white America felt guilty about stereotyping dark skinned broad featured black men as sexually dangerous; for Rushton would even claim that black people had large sex organs and lacked sexual restraint because they branched off the human evolutionary tree 200,000 years ago,  unlike caucasoids who he felt branched off 110,000 years ago, & mongoloids, 41,000 years ago, were ranked as the most sexually retrained with the smallest gemitalia.

But white America felt guilt for believing such stereotypes & loved Cosby for defying them.  For here was a dark skinned broad featured black man that white America would enthusiastically trust to supervise its young women.  He was wholesome, charmingly corny & morally impeccable & reminded white America of their own beloved dads with his goofy dancing & good natured wit.

Its an epic tragedy to see such an iconic and ground breaking image shattered.

At least it did a ton of good while it lasted.