Commentator “Mugabe” mentioned a new blog post by scientist Steve Hsu asking whether Harvard discriminates against Asian-Americans. Harvard and other elite universities disgust me for several reasons:

1)The whole reason IQ is so fascinating to me is that intelligent people get to the top naturally by doing smart things & avoiding dumb mistakes. Elite schools demand that smart people get ahead by doing well on an IQ test ( SAT) that gives them credentials. This takes a fascinating natural phenomenon (smart people get to the top) & reduces it to a boring socially engineered self-fulfilling prophecy & prevents us from studying the phenomenon under ideal circumstances. It’s like trying to study why the fastest cheetah gets the food only to discover someone has been testing the cheetahs for speed & feeding the fast ones instead of letting them catch food themselves.

2) Elite schools are full of hypocrites. They claim to be liberal and anti-HBD, yet they use a disguised IQ test (the SAT) as a major factor in selecting students. If that weren’t hypocritical enough, they then cherry pick from the high scoring population which students to select based on arbitrary and suspicious criteria.

3) I’m a proud Canadian. In Canada, there is no Ivy League. Here anyone can get ahead naturally through hard work, ambition, luck, and smarts. We’re not branded for life based on where we went to school at age 20. The American Ivy League thinks they’re a meritocracy but they’re largely a caste system, and graduates go out into the word and actively discriminate against people who went to lesser schools. If you look at the people who write for America’s most influential newspapers, work for America’s most lucrative investment banks, and fill influential positions in the white house, graduates of elite schools are dramatically over-represented, even after controlling for the likely IQ distribution of such occupations.

4) Ivy League schools destroy the fabric of America. If scholar Charles Murray is correct, back in the 1950s, the U.S. used to be a lot like Canada. There were small rural towns in middle America where people with IQs of 130 and IQs of 70 lived as neighbors, each contributing their unique qualities for the good of the local community. But thanks to elite schools, the best and brightest in small town rural America are being removed from their communities where they did a lot of good and sent to places like Harvard where they are recruited into the largely useless coastal elite professions. Meanwhile the small town rural communities they leave behind suffer a brain drain and degenerate into an underclass (see Charles Murray’s book Coming Apart )