Even among college dropouts in fields as mindless as pop music, extremely high IQ might be a major competitive advantage in getting rich. Circa the seventh grade, a talent search identified a young Lady Gaga as being smarter than at least 99% of her age group (IQ above 135). Gaga would grow up to be not only a celebrity, but the highest earning celebrity under 30.

Interestingly, legend has it that the super rich Madonna, who was like the Lady Gaga of the baby boomer generation, reportedly scored 140 on some IQ test according to a documentary I saw, although intellectual Camille Paglia says Madonna is witless in interviews so perhaps it’s not true.

It’s not surprising that Gaga and Madonna would have extremely high IQs because not only are they both super rich, but they’re also both super liberal on social issues. Since income and social liberalism are both independently correlated with IQ, ranking so high on both substantially increases the odds of being brilliant.

A relative of a relative of mine is rumored to have an extremely high IQ and she is extremely socially liberal to the point of dressing extremely provocatively (wearing dog collars and other provocative clothing). At one point she was walking through an American hotel lobby and an older man asked her: “What are you?”

“What am I?” she replied, “I’m an CanadiAN!”

“No, what are you?” he insisted.

“What am I? I’m a woMAN”

“I said, what are you?”

“What am I, I’m a huMAN!”

She knew what his sick mind was really after, but used her quick wit to evade the situation.