So many people are so furious about the fact that IQ and money are correlated that they literally ruin their whole lives trying to nitpick every study. Well here’s another study they can go ballistic over:

Using this formula I created, you can convert post-1995 SAT scores (reading + math) to IQ:

IQ = 39.545 + 0.068(SAT score)

What we see is that kids from the richest homes score 1157 (IQ 118) while kids from the poorest homes score 895 (IQ 100). This gap would be even larger except that only the smarter kids tend to take the SAT. If everyone took it, the average IQ of both rich kids and poor kids would go down, but it would especially go down for the poor kids since far more poor kids don’t take the SAT, so the gap between the rich and poor would increase.

It’s unclear if this gap is because rich kids inherit high IQ genes from rich parents, or if the SAT is just culturally biased against poor kids. Adoption studies are needed to settle this.