Commenter swanknasty wrote:

lol does Jay-Z have a stratospheric IQ, pumpkin? he’s richer than Lena Dunham and came from a less privileged background.

According to menshealth.com:

Growing up, however, Shawn Carter was far from the likeliest candidate for this sort of mind-boggling success. He was always recognized as bright–even today, the first word anyone who meets Jay-Z invariably uses to describe him is smart–and in the sixth grade, he tested at 12th-grade levels.

This suggests that at the age of 11, Jay Z was mentally functioning like a 17-year-old. According to the old age ratio IQ formula, this suggests an IQ of 142 (17/11=1.42). Of course ratio IQ’s tend to give inflated results. According to scholar Vernon Sare, one in 80 kids obtain ratio IQ’s around 140, so on the modern deviation IQ scale (sigma 15), it would be equivalent to an IQ around 135.

The average IQ of people from Jay Z’s neighborhood and education is probably below 80, possibly as low as 70. And yet Jay Z, with an IQ of 135, was able to rise above the crime, oppression, and poverty and amass a net worth of $520 million. This is a good example of high IQ causing high income.

But you’re not allowed to talk about it, because all the non-rich people who think they have genius IQ’s go ballistic at the idea that IQ causes income.