Commentator Jorge Videla wrote on my other blog:

The higher the IQ the less likely SCZ. This is what made the Kazinsky case so despicable. Kazinsky was as sane as the driven snow, so to speak. Even if one had a high Iq before he started hearing voices or whatever, he very soon would not.

While Ted Kaczinsky did have an extremely high IQ compared to the general U.S. population, it was low for a Harvard educated math prodigy. His psychological report stated:

The WAIS-R results were Verbal Score of 138, Performance Score of 124, and Full Scale Score of 136. The split between Verbal and Performance IQ is large, but not significant, in that there is no impairment in the performance score and no specific deficits in any subtests. His scores reflect a very strong verbal ability level, with a lower, but still above average performance ability.

It should be noted that the WAIS-R was standardized in 1981, 15 years before Kaczinsky was tested, and given the Flynn effect is about 3 points per decade, his overall IQ would have been inflated by 5 points. Correcting for old norms, his IQ would have been 131, and even this might overestimate his true functioning because the WAIS-R measures a lot of crystallized intelligence (i.e. vocabulary) that would have been acquired before any putative mental decline.

I find it interesting that Kaczinsky, who was dirt poor living in a cabin in the woods, had a much lower IQ than Harvard math stars like Bill Gates and Steve Balmer who went on to become decabillionaires. This might demonstrate how even controlling for the highest level of education and academic accomplishment, IQ and money are still correlated, and so are IQ and sanity and law abidingness.