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As Pumpkin Person continues my endless quest to find those hidden horror gems that never got the respect they deserved, I keep forcing myself to sit through trash, that I don’t deserve.  And trash is what we get with Dark Fields (2006), directed by Mark McNabb and Al Randall (perhaps having two directors was part of the problem).

Pumpkin Person bent over backwards to give this movie a chance. I turned off all the lights in my house to watch the movie in utter darkness. I even ignored my own rule which states that horror films that have an IMDB rating less than 4.5/10 are not worth watching, hoping this movie (which currently has a 2.2/10 rating) would be the exception to the rule.  It wasn’t.

The plot:  A group of teenagers on their way to a concert run out of gas and visit an abandoned house in the hopes of finding some, only to be stalked by a brutal killer.  This is simply a low quality slasher film that invokes virtually all the tropes of the sub-genre, except for the “seer character” a la Dr. Loomis in Halloween or Crazy Ralph in Friday the 13th warning the characters that they’re doomed.

Not that I was expecting, or even wanting originality, but a little effort would have been nice.  Instead I was treated to a lot of vulgar dialogue, a disappointing climax, and an abrupt lackluster ending.  Though the movie wasn’t entirely awful.  I was never bored and the killer was mildly interesting, with a unique appearance, and there was at least one creepy kill.  But even those redeeming qualities were overshadowed by the goofy end credit sequence that told me that not even the film makers took this movie seriously.