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For several days Pumpkin Person has been scrounging through horror titles on Rogers on-demand, looking for something to watch from the convenience of my dark home.  After scrolling through one unoriginal zombie title after another, I finally stumbled upon Beast: A Monster Among Men (Directed by Mike Lenzini). Before seeing a movie I generally look it up on IMDB to see what rating it got out of 10.  I’ve learned from past experience that horror films rated below 4.5 are almost never worth watching.  I was struck by the fact that this film had a 6.7 (quite high for a horror film) but with only 22 votes in so far, it could have just been the film makers and the actors voting so I dismissed it.  I then googled for movie reviews, and found very little, so I decided I would write one.

The plot:  A group of men (one of whom is kind of creepy) head off to a cabin deep in the woods and people start getting killed.  Can the characters figure out who or what is killing them before it’s too late?

I’d be lying if I said this was a good movie, but my expectations for this kind of ultra obscure low budget horror film are so low, that I can’t say I was disappointed.  When you’ve seen as much crappy horror as I have, a film that shows even a smidgen of effort and skill is a nice surprise.  I liked that the film was set deep in the woods.  Not exactly an original setting, but the woods used in this film had an especially isolated and ominous feel to them.  And the film had atmosphere, with beautiful shots of the sky turning from sunny, to cloudy, to dark, and a pleasantly haunting yet sad musical score.   The film also knew its limits:  Rather than tainting the movie with laughable special effects, the film shot its special effects from a distance or with dim enough lighting that their cheap cheesiness could not be exposed, and with a run-time of only 72 minutes, the film shrewdly ended before embarrassing itself.