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On Sunday Lindsay Lohan ended the first (and possibly last) season of her deliciously dark docuseries on OWN with a bombshell.  She stated that the reason she had behaved so unreliably on the show (sleeping in until the afternoon, being late for scheduled events) was because she had a miscarriage, and was in such physical and emotional pain, she often couldn’t move.  As Pumpkin Person watched her tell the story, I had an ominous feeling, worried that the haters, skeptics and evil vultures would accuse her of lying to excuse away her bad behavior and trying to get sympathy and publicity in the process.  It’s no surprise that anonymous internet message board posters would talk trash, but my  darkest fears came to fruition when even mainstream media figures like  Sharron Osbourne of CBS’s The Talk said  “she’s making it up” adding “she probably had diarrhea or something.”    TMZ also piled on, claiming that Lindsay had lied so much over the years that it was reasonable to question the story.

As the media world continues to fragment into hundreds of TV channels and zillions of blogs, media figures must get more and more outrageous and extreme to stay relevant in such a competitive landscape.  Although there have always been skeptics and cynics, and Lohan has certainly earned a lot of the skepticism she attracts, in the past people would have been more circumspect about  expressing their skepticism about such a sensetive issue.  But that era is long dead.  These are dark days in media land and it’s a very scary time to be famous.

Pumpkin Person loved Lindsay’s docuseries and I admire her for allowing such an unsanitized look at her life, completely surrendering the editing process.   Most celebrities control their image so aggressively that it was very refreshing to see a celebrity actually allow such a raw look at her life, showing the good, the bad, and the oh so ugly, and the show’s haunting atmosphere and dark tone was the icing on the cake.  But instead of praising her for her courage in offering such an unfiltered look at her life, so many are trying to tear her apart.

Pay no attention to the haters Lindsay.  As your mentor Oprah preaches, what you focus on expands.  Constructive criticism is great, but the haters will overwhelm your psyche, contaminating your very soul.  Instead focus on the new movie you are trying to make, Inconceivable.  Hopefully it will have a dark theme so Pumpkin Person can blog about it.