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According to the book The Wisdom of Psychopaths by Kevin Dutton, the media is one of the three most psychopathic professions, with only CEOS and lawyers ranking higher.  Without getting too technical, “psychopath” is basically the scientific term for people who are born evil.  The term is sometimes used interchangeably with “sociopath”  but should not be confused with “psychotic”, which refers to people who are severely delusional.

Despite the fact that Lindsay Lohan is an addict in a very vulnerable emotional state, the media (including the blogosphere) is flooding the public with every negative story they can dream up.  Headlines abound about her docuseries on OWN being cancelled (not true, the network is running all 8 episodes it ordered and there were never any plans to produce more) and about her tanking ratings.  While the ratings have been disappointing, most episodes have been above what OWN used to achieve in that time slot,  They are even trying to claim her recent guest appearance on Two Broke Girls was a ratings disaster.  Instead of gushing about the fact that Lindsay’s docuseries is OWN’s highest rated docuseries among the coveted young women demographic, they are cooking up any headline they can to portray her as a loser.  Even though there’s some truth to these stories, the media spins it in a way that amplifies the negative even though they know she’s a vulnerable addict who can relapse at anytime and has probably already done so.

This demonstrates that the media is full of psychopaths.  Even though they are intelligent enough to know that all this negative press is potentially devastating to Lindsay’s recovery, they continue to unleash it because negative stories about Lindsay Lohan drive traffic to their websites and they feel no remorse for the harm they are doing to a human being.  Such cold blooded opportunism is the defining trait of psychopathy.  As Oprah told Lindsay in the docuseries, the vultures are waiting to pick your bones, and if I were you, I wouldn’t let them have my bones.

Oprah knows of what she speaks.  The same vultures came for Oprah when she started her network a few years ago.  Eager to see the world’s most successful woman fall flat on her face, the public was bombarded with headlines about OWN’s disastrous ratings, but instead of letting the vultures have her bones, Oprah pulled herself up by her bootstraps and turned OWN into a success.  I hope Lindsay can find the fortitude to do the same with her own life.  That’s why when Lindsay publicly claimed Oprah has become a great mentor to her, I think there’s some truth to that. Hopefully Oprah has advised Lindsay not to read the negative press.  For if there is one ideology Oprah has preached for years, it’s that what you focus on expands.