Recently I blogged about how the Friday the 13th series could be continued. My idea was to ignore the 2009 remake and pick up the story after part 4, by having parts 5 through 11 be explained as dream or hallucination by Tommy Jarvis.  This would make sense because Tommy was clearly descending into madness at the end of part 4 so it makes sense that he would hallucinate, and the events of parts 5 through 11 were so incredible that they seem outside of the film’s reality.  Some fans told me they would be unhappy to see parts 5 through 11 dismissed, but I think they would get over it because the real glory days of the series were the early 1980s, before Jason became a zombified body-hopping caricature of himself.

So if parts 5 through 11 never happened, how do you realistically and credibly continue the story after Tommy so unequivocally killed Jason at the end of part 4?  I had suggested that Jason could have a secret son who emerges to take over, but was told that idea was cliched and unoriginal.

So here’s another idea: Jason never died.  At first this sounds ridiculous because we saw the machete sink deep into Jason’s head at the end of part 4, however what people forget is that Jason is a hydrocephalic which means that his cranium is enlarged by cerebrospinal fluid, not brain mass.  This makes it possible that the machete never impaled his brain and thus never killed him.

Instead Jason was taken to the hospital and after ten years in a coma, spent another ten or more years being treated by Ginny Field (played by Amy Steel), the psychology major and heroine of Friday the 13th part 2.  Ginny, now in her 50s, is a psychiatrist who also does part time therapy with Tommy Jarvis (now in his 40s) where they discuss his hallucinations and nightmares (parts 5 through 11).  Ginny concludes that the reason Tommy had visions and dreams of Jason becoming an body hopping zombie is because he psychologically needs to imagine Jason as a demon to overcome the guilt he has for so badly hurting Jason.

Yes, Tommy feels guilty for what he did to Jason because even though Jason is a homicidal maniac, Jason has always been mentally handicapped so he didn’t know any better and was only trying to avenge his mother’s death.  Ginny feels that Tommy can make it up to Jason by helping Jason integrate into society.  Ginny feels that after years of treatment, it’s now safe to let Jason out, as long as he stays away from the woods (an obvious trigger).  She arranges for Jason to move in with Tommy and work at a local grocery store pushing shopping carts.

Some of the teenagers at the grocery store figure out that their mentally disabled co-worker Jason is the infamous Camp Crystal lake mass-murderer from before they were born.  They are planning a camping trip on Friday the 13th and wouldn’t it be exciting to bring along Jason himself.  Jason gets into the van with the teenagers and they drive deep into the dark woods to find a remote place to set up a tent…the moon is full.  Can Tommy and Ginny find them before something bad happens?