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I don’t know if there are any plans for another Halloween movie let alone a sequel to Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, but I think it could work.  How can you continue Rob Zombie’s storyline when almost all the main characters have been killed off?  Here’s how:

The perfect family is having breakfast in a beautiful mansion.  They are concerned because their adopted teenaged son never comes out of his dark room and just watches horror films all day and all the classmates and teachers at a special school he attends are afraid of him.  His adopted parents don’t understand how a boy with such a great upbringing could have turned into such a freak, and he just keeps getting worse.

One dark stormy night the adopted mother discovers a book her father (Dr. Loomis) was in the process of writing before he died.  The book explains Loomis’ obsession with determining whether Michael Myers was just born genetically evil, or if he was driven to evil by his dysfunctional home life. To answer this question, Loomis conducted an experiment.  He collected dozens of sperm samples from Michael and used them to impregnate 40 female patients at the mental hospital Michael was in.  When the babies were born, he made sure that 20 of them were adopted into perfect families, and the other 20 were adopted by white trash.  This allowed him to compare the effects of nature and nurture. None of the families knew they were adopting a Michael Myers child.

Upon learning that their adopted son is one of Michael Myer’s biological children, they are so creeped out that they start plotting ways to get him to live somewhere else.  Overhearing their conversation, Michael’s son gets an axe from the garage and kills them.  He then use’s Loomis’ unpublished book to search the country for his 39 biological siblings.  Some of them are already confined to mental hospitals for strange or violent behavior, but most are not and the free ones help the institutionalized ones escape.  Once all 40 of Michael’s children are together, they each put on their Michael Myer’s mask and plot to all visit Haddonfield on Halloween and kill every single person in the town.