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Yesterday I blogged about my weird idea for a sequel to Rob Zombie’s Halloween II.  An IMDB poster named “barhoumhuneiti” felt it was unrealistic and not enough about Michael Myers.  Well, it’s difficult to make it about Michael Myers when he was unequivocally killed off at the end of Halloween II, but here’s another idea: Michael has an identical twin, separated at birth.

Michael’s mother (Debra) was a struggling single mom with a deadbeat boyfriend.  It was hard enough raising Judith so when Michael and his identical twin were born, Debra figured she didn’t need both of them since they were exactly the same, so she gave Michael’s identical twin up for adoption.  The twin was raised in a middle class loving perfect family.

When some psychologists discover that Michael had a secret identical twin who grew up in a good home they track the twin down to do some tests on him.  Although the twin is a weirdo and a freak, the psychologists are disappointed he’s not yet a killer like Michael was. They want to prove that despite his good upbringing, he is just as evil and psychotic as Michael so that they can become famous for showing that nature trumps nurture (genes trump environment).  They tell everyone in his small town that he is Michael Myer’s identical twin brother in the hopes that ruining his life will drive him crazy.  Little by little, the twin becomes unhinged, just in time for Halloween…