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The Friday the 13th series really lost its magic once it made the leap from a semi-realistic horror franchise to super-natural zombie saga involving possession and telekinesis.  Fortunately there’s a simple solution. Make everything that happened after part 4 a dream, that occurred inside the head of Tommy Jarvis (the boy who killed Jason in part 4).

A new film can begin with Tommy (now in his mid 40s) waking up from the nightmare (parts 5 through 11). To convince himself that Jason really is dead, he visits Jason’s grave (in the pouring rain) and digs up his body (just as he did in part 6 which was a dream). He then goes ballistic, hacking up what’s left of Jason’s bones. When he finally calms down, a mysterious man appears and hacks Tommy’s head off. The following title comes crashing into the screen:


As the film unfolds it will be revealed that the man who beheaded Tommy was Jason’s unknown son who was conceived when Jason raped a camp councilor. He inherited his father’s deformity and brutality and has come to the woods of Crystal lake to avenge the brutal slaughter of both his father (Jason) and his grandmother (Pamela Voorhees)